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  • Elementary Robotics

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 5/25/2017

    1st Place Robotics

    1st Place Challenge Competition

    Sophie Hughes, Breanna Jackson, Lilliunna Horton


    2nd Place Robotics

    2nd Place Arena Competition

    Britney Barona, Jessica Aguilarn


    A Robotics Team

    Kamran Barber, Misael Hernandez, Leonrdo Martinez


    A Robotics Team

    Jayden Beatriz, Jairo Hernandez 

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  • Kindergarten Butterflies

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 5/25/2017

    Kinder Butterfly Kinder Butterflies

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  • Center Agriculture Art contest winners

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 5/15/2017

    Center Agriculture Art contest winners

    Art Winners

    Jacqueline Mendoza, Sheena Trammell, Key'Ala Giles, Ruby Pulida

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From the Superintendent's Desk

  • How much fat is in your milk?

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 5/10/2017

    Ag Classroom

    In Mrs Richey's class students have been learning about food products made from milk, and they have been discussing fat content in different types of milk. Students conducted an activity in class, “How much fat is in your milk?" , with no fat milk, 1% milk, whole milk and food coloring. The class had to decide which milk they thought the food coloring would travel and diffuse better in. Of course the no fat won!

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  • Khan Academy is CONTAGIOUS!!!

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 3/27/2017

    What started as an 8th Grade monthly contest has spread faster than the FLU!

    Thank goodness... it's much more fun and rewarding, also!

    Contests were held for the February to March time period for 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Coach Ball's, Mrs. Farmer's and Mrs. Wiist's classes as well as Tiger Tutorial groups and Math Enrichment sections.

    We are SO proud of our student progress and enthusiasm! Points only count for grade level material and are date ranged for each contest period, so each student has the same chance each month to earn new points for that contest period.

    Here are our WINNERS - March

    Coach Ball's 6th grade winner is Emily Richardson with 22,282 points.

    Mrs. Farmer's 6th Grade winner is Kassidy Walters with an IMPRESSIVE 87,625 points! The 7th Grade winner for Mrs. Farmer's classes is Sarahi Flores with another outstanding point total of 76,684 points.

    Mrs. Wiist's 7th Grade Tiger Tutorial winner is Alexis Plata with 25,482 points. The 8th grade winner this month was Kali Randal with 8,782 points.

    Please keep encouraging these kids to continue with their progress on Khan Academy. Remember that Khan Academy is an adaptive online program that is completely self-paced. It adapts to each student's aptitude as they advance through each grade level concept. Students can even move ahead to their next grade level when their current goal is reached. Khan Academy is available as an app on most smartphones and tablets, as well as online availability through any computer or laptop connected to the internet. Students can work on it at home or at school. Stay tuned... for next month's WINNERS!

    Khan Academy Winner Khan Academy Winner


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