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  • MATH!

    Posted by Linda Jacobs at 2/6/2017

    2nd Grade Math is developing their math skills in a new and exciting way this year!  Mrs. Stacie Barr is the 2nd grade teacher and she has set up a
    system in her classroom that incorporates the use of hands on manipulatives/activities for each concept taught, extended drill and practice through the REFLEX math online program and small group instruction which allows for differentiation among the students and their varying levels of mastery.

    In her classroom this is called MATH! Stations

    M (Math Facts practice) - IPADS / Reflex Math App

    A (At your seat) - Independent paper/pencil task

    T (Teacher Time) - Small group instruction with 3-5 students

    H (Hands On) - Students use manipulatives to practice the skill in a game format

    ! (IPADS) - IPAD time with Reflex Math App

    The 90 minute instructional block begins with a whole class lesson with guided practice as well as some independent practice to check for understanding.  Math! Stations are then started and the classroom begins buzzing with student's engaged in learning!


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  • Coats for Kids

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 12/19/2016

    A special thanks to these 3 men for delivering new coats for our kids! Thank you to First Baptist Church of Tenaha and First United Methodist Church of Tenaha for being a blessing to our students!


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  • The Final Pep Rally

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 12/6/2016

    Check out the new gallery of the Elementary Students cheering for the Tigers at the last Pep Rally

    The Final Pep Rally Gallery

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From the Superintendent's Desk

  • Month #4 Khan Academy “Points” Contest

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 2/15/2017

    Mrs. Wiist’s 8th Grade math classes are proud to announce the winner of our Month #4 Khan Academy “Points” Contest. Quinnon Gardner finished the contest, which ran from Jan 9th to February 8th, with a total of 11,677 points and 108 minutes of active problem-solving time. Congratulations, Quinnon!!!

    Q Gardner

    Each month, students compete for the $10.00 monthly prize by completing 8th grade math questions on their Khan Academy site. Students can work on Khan Academy before or after school, after classroom lessons are completed, during Tiger Tutorials or even at home with any Internet connection. The site is also available through an app for most smart phones and tablets. The point totals are filtered for each month, so previously earned points are not included in the winning tabulation.

    As students progress through the 8th grade concepts, they earn points, badges, and new avatars by correctly answering questions and watching the associated math videos available for each 8th Grade math concept.

    Khan Academy is a free, online learning site that is donation and supporter funded. Students who have an account can practice math concepts at any grade level from Kindergarten (Early Math) through 8th by grade level and High School and College level math by course (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc.). Students can even search for specific math concepts to practice. Khan Academy is an amazing practice tool for students to fill any conceptual gaps, practice difficult topics, or even get ahead in the curriculum. Khan Academy is completely self paced and adaptive to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned for next month’s winner (February 9-March 8) and please help encourage Mrs. Wiist’s students to EARN THOSE POINTS!

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  • Classroom Live!

    Posted by Judy Monroe, 6-12 Principal at 2/3/2017

    Classroom Live!

    Tenaha ISD is initiating Classroom Live!  Classroom Live will feature a class in action via  Facebook live streaming video.   In order to see the
    live feed you must like the Tenaha Independent School Facebook page.

    We are excited to bring you the first Classroom Live  practice run on February 7th  with Mrs. Brenda Farmer’s Math Enrichment class 7th period (1:59-2:44pm).  Go to the Tenaha Independent School District’s Facebook page at 1:59pm to watch the live streaming video.  

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